Hello Fountain Street Church!

My name is Greta Jo Seidohl

and I am thrilled to be joining the FSC Ministry Team as
Minister of Belonging and Community Engagement.



Minister of Belonging &
Community  Engagement

❂ I believe, in body and soul, that we are designed to be in community. 

❂ From my training in anthropology, I know that humans have co-evolved to thrive when supported by community.

❂ Through my personal experience, I trust that true connection can be transcendent and transformative.

❂ Holding the hard and holy work of intentional community building is precisely what I hope we can do together!

❂ I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, have lived all across the US, and have called New York City home for the past three years. I share my life with my husband, our child, an opinionated feline, and a loyal canine. 

❂ I’m so excited to learn about the other half of Michigan, Grand Rapids, and each of you! And I’m overjoyed to be part of the Fountain Street Church community.

"It Takes a Village"

Not just to raise a child, but to grow a soul.
It takes community to survive grief, share joy, and truly flourish!

Thank you for allowing me to join you on this journey.