I am Rev. Greta Jo Seidohl.

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and my Unitarian Universalist ministry.


THe Short Version…

❂ I am a Unitarian Universalist minister called to the messy and miraculous work of building resilient and restorative communities.

❂ I believe in the power of collective wisdom and our spiritual imaginations.

❂ I am supported by the beauty and wonder of the natural world and our place in it.

❂ I trust in the intricate web of life that weaves the divine into every moment and every relationship.

❂ I am committed to the work of anti-oppression and dismantling supremacy culture – knowing it as the holy work of liberation.

❂ I’m currently serving as Assistant Minister at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, MI with a focus on justice and welcome.

❂ I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, have lived all across the US, and feel most rooted in the Great Lakes region. I share my home with my spouse, our child, an opinionated feline, and a loyal canine. 

Ministry means Community

Unitarian Universalism calls us into community based on covenant rather than creed.
Building webs of relational theologies through collective commitment to our best selves and a better tomorrow