Greta brings an effervescent joy and magnetizing power to her ministry work. This is immediately apparent when working with her. I have witnessed the depth of what Greta has to offer to our free faith, and it extends far beyond these powerful gifts.

As a leader Greta offers a grounded commitment to covenant, to process in relationships, and to the power of navigating conflict in community. The degree of integrity that Greta aspires to fulfill for herself, and for our faith, is exactly what we want to witness in our leaders at this moment in history.

Rev. Beckett Coppola

Minister at Kingston UU Fellowship

Greta’s presence is energizing, enthusiastic, and she engages in a gentle but persistent calling forth of the best in those around her. She’s able to educate while also honoring the varied journeys of those lucky enough to hear her lessons. Her gift for ministry with children, youth, and young adults will be a great boon to any congregation that calls her, and her vision for Unitarian Universalism is long-reaching. Martin Luther once said that “even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” Greta’s ministry embodies this maxim inside and out, and my hope is to have her planting trees of our faith for a long time to come.

Rev. Molly Brewer

Minister at First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse

I was privileged to work with Greta as member of the executive board of the UUFH during her two-year internship with us. She is a bright light and was a blessing to our congregation. I had the honor of presenting her with a ministerial robe after her time with us, but the truth is I personally experienced her as a minister during my very first encounters with her, drawing inspiration and energy from just being around her.

She made me a better person. She immersed herself into our Fellowship family, participating in worship, leading “Wonderings” for the children, who often gathered around her when she came into a room, and her own wise sermons, attending evening board meetings and long congregational meetings. She was always able to draw us to the kernel of truth that really mattered—in any setting—and had a depth of understanding of congregational life that belied her youthful years.

She provided our UU presence at public vigils to end gun violence and raise immigration rights, always with great power and grace. She re-launched our young adult group and worked with our minister Rev. Jude Geiger to get a unique social justice curriculum funded. Wow, that singing voice. She may have even inspired more than a few of us to want to sing or to be less embarrassed joining in. It has been an amazing two years experiencing her presence and positive force.

Greta lives outloud, fully present in the world and to people, unhesitatingly joyful, exquisitely fearless, relentlessly loving. She possesses an intelligence of heart *and* mind that makes her an extraordinary minister for our times.

Karen Mazzotta

Past President, UU Fellowship of Huntington

From the moment I reviewed Greta’s admission application to seminary, I knew that she was destined to be a great minister. That assessment has been proven correct at every turn.  Now congregations will be introduced to her wisdom, sensitivity, skill, and spiritual depth. And a very fortunate congregation will call her and receive the gift of her ministry.

Rev. Dr. Lee Barker

President Emeritus , Meadville Lombard Theological School

Greta has been a delight to know and I feel privileged to have been a small part of her formation. She almost always bring a smile to my lips, not only because she is often clever and funny but simply because of her great exuberant spirit. I would be proud to have her as my minister…and I don’t feel that way about too many people.

Her eminent good qualities are abundant, from imaginative preaching and worship to her kind pastoral heart.

Rev. Bill F. Schultz

Seminary Professor, Former UUA President

When we were hurting, Greta was there with compassion. When we were confused, Greta was there with clarity. When we were frustrated, Greta dusted us off and set us back on our feet. She is one of those rare people that makes every group better.

Rev. Scot Hull

Minister at Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva

As a close friend of Greta’s family I have known her since she was a child. As a pastor myself I have followed her growth and development as a seminarian and pastor with particular interest. She is an independent thinker and a self-starter. If called to a staff position she will not require a great deal of supervision.  Greta is resilient, and although she may encounter opposition or criticism, she will not shy away from it either. She genuinely and compassionately empathizes with people, and desires to share their joys and struggles.
Rev. Jack Hudson
Rev. Jack Hudson

Covenant Evangelical Minister

When you work with Rev. Greta Jo the work of the Kingdom of God gets done, and that’s a delight in and of itself. But that’s not it. It’s also fun! It’s full of joy and life and hope and future. What a gift she is to the Church and to the world.

Rev. Molly Bosscher

Rector at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Greta Jo is the consummate team player. While Greta Jo was the outgoing Co President of SAC and I was one of the incoming presidents Greta Jo took her extra time and resources to ensure that the transfer of position was seamless. She continued to support the Co Presidency team throughout our years in that position in her last semester and as an alumni. Many people talk about shared ministry or shared leadership. Greats Jo embodies it in everything she does.

Rev. Ali KC Bell

Assistant Minister Cedar Lane UU Church

Greta is a bright light in our world. In every interaction, she offers compassion and understanding, Her charisma, intellect and wisdom help her lead, teach and preach enabling  Unitarian Universalists to deepen faith, connect to all of creation and enact justice.

Rev. Kelly Dignan

Home Congregation Minister, UU Wellspring Fascilitator, Coach

I was fortunate enough to serve as the chair of Greta’s Ministerial Internship Committee during her year at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, and it was a pleasure to provide her with the little support she required and an honor to witness the start of her UU ministry. Greta is effervescent, astute, mature beyond her years, and profoundly spiritual. Her warmth and openness quickly made her a valued and cherished presence in both our congregation and our community, across all ages and religious backgrounds. She brought creativity to our services, innovation to our educational offerings, joy to our fellowship, and depth to our faith. (When it was announced recently that she would be helping cover Sunday services while our minister was on sabbatical, the congregation erupted in spontaneous applause and cheers.) Greta was a gift to our congregation, as she undoubtedly will be to her settled placement and our denomination as a whole.

Maria Pignataro Nielsen

Internship Committee Chair and Former President, UU Fellowship of Huntington

I miss, in so many ways, Greta Jo who was a long term ministerial intern at our fellowship. Greta has a voice, not only for justice but also for music. I heard her voice distinctly as it joined with the congregation during hymns. She has represented the UUFH out in the community, and has represented us well on the issues of gun violence and immigration. Her voice from the pulpit was clear, sharing insights that moved us to action, with cheery and hopeful notes, that spoke to young and old alike. She would be a wise choice as minister for any UU congregation this is lucky enough to land her.

Alex Wolff

Member, UU Fellowship of Huntington